Sugar unusable as an e-book reader

david at david at
Mon Oct 27 01:56:14 EDT 2008

On Sun, 26 Oct 2008, Hal Murray wrote:

>> opening the book in .pdf comes the closest to working. I was still
>> unable to copy the document, so I had to try and read with the USB
>> stick haning out of the machine. I could zoom so that the text is the
>> width of the screen, but after doing so I was unable to center the
>> text (the arrow buttons move the text in overly large steps.
>> the fit-to-screen option works well if the text goes all the way to
>> the margins, but most documents don't do that. what's needed here is
>> an ability to say 'fit the content on the page to the screen' and
>> have it zoom and center based on the actual content, not on the page
>> size (I know this issignificantly harder to do, but it really is
>> needed)
> I'd like a pdf reader that would recognize multi-column formatting and have a
> mode so that the up-down arrows go up-down following columns rather than
> pages.
> [I'm sure there are a zillion rough edges.]

I'd love something like that as well, but even without the autodetection, 
something that you could set to say 'this document has three columns, with 
column boundries here and here' that would then take you down the columns 
would be wonderful.

Dvaid Lang

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