Gnash snapshots for XO

Rob Savoye rob at
Sat Oct 25 18:15:31 EDT 2008

For the brave at heart, I beat Gnash's internal rpm packaging into
shape, and managed to produce working rpms from Gnash trunk. These are a
bit bleeding edge, with both jemalloc and mit-shm enabled, so your
mileage may vary...

Rather than fighting with the version skew of Gstreamer, these instead
depend on ffmpeg directly, but ffmpeg isn't included in the build, you
have to install it separately. With the latest build-767, this is pretty
easy now, as the livna packages for fedora 9 work just fine.

This worked ok, but the "youtube" performance isn't great, due to the
network overhead. So it skips alot due to buffering issues, it'll have
to be looked into it.

But many other things work just great now with this build, so while it's
a work in progress, I thought some people might want to play with it as
it's better than the current version of 0.8.3 in build-767.


# install livna
sudo yum

# install ffmpeg from livna
sudo yum install -y ffmpeg

# get rid of the old build of 0.8.3
sudo rpm -ev gnash gnash-plugin

# install gnash
sudo rpm -iv \

# install the plugin
sudo rpm -iv \

	- rob -

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