Proposals for XO Mini-conference Due by Monday October 27

Greg Smith gregsmitholpc at
Thu Oct 23 07:43:06 EDT 2008

Hi All,

We are planning a mini-conference at OLPC headquarters November 17 - 21.

For more information, see the conference wiki page at:

Please post any proposals for talks directly on the wiki page at:

Starting at the end of the day US ET, Monday October 27th we will review 
all proposals and begin setting the agenda for the conference.

Create a new section as needed and make sure your proposed subjects for 
mini conference are on the wiki by Monday, October 27!

Discussion on the lists is useful but its not enough to get a proposal 
on the agenda. You must also, create a section in the wiki.

I will review all e-mails to the xocamp at e-mail address. I 
will forward any that weren't copied to the devel list and I will 
extract the ones that look like proposals for inclusion in the wiki.

In contrast to proposals for the mini-conference, well motivated feature 
suggestions go on our Feature Roadmap at:

In short, proposals for talks at the conference go on the XOcamp wiki 
page and specific feature and coding work go on our Feature Roadmap page.

This is the idea gathering phase (similar to brainstorming). Not 
everything on the wiki will get built but it must be on the wiki to get 

Its up to you to add features for the roadmap and proposals for the 

Please have at it and let me know if you have any questions.


Greg S

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