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Henry VĂ©lez Molina henry.laptop at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 23:37:59 EDT 2008

Hello everybody.

We have been doing tests with the XS-server, to know if it is properly
We have some difficulties and some doubts.
>From any PC or XO can access the administration panel ejbabberd, but if you
try to make the automatic registered since the XO, tells us that he has not
found the server.
Verifying from the Terminal activity, we note that doing the ping
schoolserver , he print ous: uknown host.

 We believe that the problem is the Access Point. But oddly enough, through
the Web  we can access the administration panel of ejabberd's XS and that
the XO can not access it automatically. Running ifconfig (XO) and ipconfig
(Windows) received notice that the ip is the administrative panel of the
Access Point and not the Server. Perhaps this is the reason why the XO is
not registered automatically.
When connected through the LAN XS with a standard PC, ipconfig prints the ip
of the server and the DNS correct. If we use a client jabberd, you can
create accounts and use the services of the server automatically.

 Our AP is:

*Model 4401 AP+4 Wireless-G Access Point/Router/4-port
*** = http://www.zoom.com/products/glan_overview.html

We would like to know that comercial Access Point , has been tested with the
XS and you known they work.
Do we need something else to set?

 As for the Activity Server and Server Activation
Is it possible to deploy at the moment?

 thank you for your help.

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