[Community-news] Software developers needed for OLPC Afghanistan

Don dond1955 at fastmail.fm
Mon Oct 20 19:45:36 EDT 2008

I am interested Svetla. 
 I have lots of skills and I do also possess a bit of charm. 
I am not religious but that does not mean that I am against religion. 
 Sadly my knowledge of
 computers thus far are only windows based.  I am a G1G1 and to be
 frank, not a lover of microsoft.  My trade is in construction... on
 both the very high
 ends and the very low.  If you think there is a place there for one
 such as me so as to perhaps
 strengthen your credibility in that culture, please let me know.
Don Czapski

On Wed, 15 Oct 2008 06:42:39 +0100 (BST), "Svetlana Senajova"
<svetla at paiwastoon.com.af> said:
> Dear All,
> Perhaps Afghanistan is not the first place you think of when considering
> your next vacation or internship.  But since OLPC are donating 10,000
> G1G1
> machines to Afghanistan and is working with the top level of the Ministry
> of Education this could very well become a showpiece for OLPC in S. Asia.
> We are looking for 2 software developing Interns / Graduates / Motivated
> volunteers to help us building the capacity of the local team.  We need
> to
> operate university outreach programs, training, and a fair bit of direct
> server config in advance of having sufficient locally built capacity.
> We can offer flight support, accommodation, and a living stipend.
> Afghanistan day to day in most provinces and most places remains pretty
> safe - one can walk around, go out, visit people using taxis or your own
> car.  Driving can be just a little chaotic, but nowhere near as bad as in
> India.  If you look beyond the media there is a lot to see here,
> hospitality that even exceeds other developing countries, and really
> rapid
> progress.  There are some places (like the south) that are dangerous, but
> in Kabul and the north things are pretty stable.  One just needs to know
> places to go to and places to stay away from (like military bases, big
> foreigner parties, etc).
> Right now we are half way through setting up an open source localisation
> team for Afghanistan and building the open source community. For those of
> you who are more interested in remote contributions to Afghanistan
> specifically, a chance is here too.
> Afghanistan could be the case study that shows the ability of the XO to
> be
> at the center of redevelopment. If we can make the XO work here - then we
> can prove to the world that it can work almost anywhere! You might hear
> on
> the news about the chronic waste of money out here, the hundreds of
> millions missing, wasted, and worse.  And you know how cost effectively
> the XO can change that.  The great thing about Afghanistan, is being a
> development work in progress, we can together, and will, improve that
> situation.  I hope we can find some people to join us on the ground and
> help make that happen.
> Thanks/Regards,
> -Svetla
> Details, country information, etc. for the formal job title can be found
> under 'IT Coach' at
> http://www.paiwastoon.com.af/mainpages-en/careers-intl.sxw.html .
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