9.1 Proposal: Printing support

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Over at the OSL, we were able to get new printers showing in the MeshBox,
and had just started working on coming up with some interface for
configuration. We had some hang ups with some of the code used to detect
printers over avahi, but other than that things seem to work.


A fun picture of sugar actually displaying 100 some odd printers(not a

On Fri, Oct 17, 2008 at 1:24 PM, C. Scott Ananian <cscott at laptop.org> wrote:

> We should consider adding basic Print support for 9.1.  In the past
> this has foundered on questions like, "what brand(s) of printers?
> what connection mechanism?"  It seems impossible to support every
> printer and every connection mechanism in a reasonable amount of NAND
> space.
> *But*, we should be able to:
>    *  Print postscript (or pdf, or whatever, just pick *one*) to
> school server via CUP (IPP?), and install a "decent selection" of
> printer drivers on the school server. Control panel for 'default
> printer name', fixed to 'XS' by default.
>    * Add basic printing support to Write, Read, and Browse; set
> PRINTER env variable.
>    * for future, add support to Paint, Record, etc.
> for 9.1.
> Again, I can give a quick talk just restating the above, and hopefully
> spurring a discussion about how much work this would or would not be
> and whether we can afford to do this for 9.1 (or can't afford not to
> do it), but I'd love it if someone would volunteer to 'own' the issue
> and make a more concrete proposal, present a demo, investigate other
> issues involved, etc.
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