9.1 Proposal: Printing support

Jim Gettys jg at laptop.org
Mon Oct 20 14:17:53 EDT 2008

This worked (discovery) at one point (I tried it very early in OLPC

But printer discovery is better done by some other mechanism than that
defined in IPP anyway, which is stupid broadcast.  Even MDNS is less
evil (e.g. avahi).

Some work is probably needed for scaling of printer discovery.

Running a cups server is almost certainly not necessary, though its
footprint might not be too terrible if it is stripped of all the stupid
printer definitions (which are huge).  I haven't tried that experiment.
                        - Jim

On Mon, 2008-10-20 at 13:57 -0400, Jeremy Katz wrote:
> On Mon, 2008-10-20 at 09:15 -0700, Jim Gettys wrote:
> > Note there is a client library for IPP for cups that can talk to remote
> > servers, without having to run a spooler locally.  This may be a better
> > option....
> It might be if it were an option that actually worked.  But I tried it a
> month or so ago and you must have the cups daemon running to discover
> remote printers.  That doesn't mean you have to have a local queue set
> up for the printer, but all of the discovery happens in the daemon and
> not in client apps.
> Jeremy
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