[Server-devel] Backup of laptops

Douglas Bagnall douglas at paradise.net.nz
Mon Oct 20 01:45:30 EDT 2008

hi Pia,

> I've got the XO 767 image rolled out to about 80 laptops, between 3 sites
> all with the 0.4 server image. I'm not sure why, but _none_ of the servers
> are receiving backups from the clients. I've tried following the
> instructions to debug the issue, but am not getting any error messages from
> either the server or the clients. It just silently fails. My question is,
> has anyone got this working? Any ideas how I can fix it? It appears that
> the backups worked once, and then never again. The clients create the
> ~/.sugar/default/lock/ds-backup.run file but then nothing happens and the
> file remains, so of course then the backup script never runs again as the
> lock file still exists.

Do any files under /library/users/ have the wrong ownership?  (perhaps
owned by a different laptop).  If so, then the problem might well be
fixed by this patch:


Unfortunately that's needed on the client not the server, so 0.5 will
not help.  I really hope I'm wrong about this, though.

> This is a real pain as I need to have these backups for oversight of the
> children, and it is a high profile trial. Any ideas? Should I just upgrade
> to 0.5 on the server?


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