unclean /home/olpc in gg-767-4.img

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Sat Oct 18 16:10:33 EDT 2008

Flashed a G1G1 system (without developer key) with the signed 767-4 
custom image.  Unfortunately, was running as root and did not 
immediately look at the olpc user home directory.

By the time I got around to looking at /home/olpc, it had lots of 
things in it from an older? version of Opera.  I install the latest 
version of Opera -- but not to /home/olpc.

Only place I can think of where this stuff came from is if it was on 
the image in http://download.laptop.org/xo-1/custom/g1g1/gg-767-4.


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