simple hacks to improve the performance of the Sugar UI

Andrés Ambrois andresambrois at
Sat Oct 18 01:35:14 EDT 2008

On Friday 17 October 2008 17:56:05 Erik Garrison wrote:
> XO Users,
> In short, I have bundled a set of 'hacks' which generally (and in my
> observation, dramatically) improve the user-perceived responsiveness of
> the Sugar UI.  The hack bundle is available at

Here are a couple of more patches for your bag of tricks: 

[PATCH] sugar-homewindow-no-transition.patch

This removes the usage of TransitionBox from TransitionBox is 
used to animate the Xo Guy while moving between zoom levels. 
This patch makes transition from activities to the home box almost 
instantaneous and removes the annoying flickering. 

[PATCH] sugar-optionally_disable_frame_on_tabbing_v2.patch

This is an updated version of your patch that also sets _RAISE_DELAY to 0 if 
/home/olpc/no-frame-on-tabbing is present. It makes tabbing almost 
instantaneous on my XO. 


I have tried your hacks and I must say the frame behaves a lot better with 
compositing enabled. I haven't run any serious memory pressure tests, but I 
can have around 8-9 activities open before encountering OOM problems. No idea 
what the previous statistics were. 


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