New joyride build 2515

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Mon Oct 13 22:24:56 EDT 2008

Changes in build 2515 from build: 2514

Size delta: 0.00M

-coreutils 6.10-30.fc9
+coreutils 6.10-33.fc9
-cups-libs 1:1.3.8-2.fc9
+cups-libs 1:1.3.9-1.fc9
-shared-mime-info 0.30-1.fc9
+shared-mime-info 0.30-3.fc9
-sqlite 3.5.9-1.fc9
+sqlite 3.5.9-2.fc9
-tzdata 2008g-1.fc9
+tzdata 2008h-1.fc9
-xorg-x11-drv-evdev 2.0.4-1.fc9
+xorg-x11-drv-evdev 2.0.6-1.fc9

--- Changes for coreutils 6.10-33.fc9 from 6.10-30.fc9 ---
  + fix several date issues(e.g. countable dayshifts, ignoring
  + clarify ls exit statuses documentation (#446294)
  + cp -Z now correctly separated in man page (#466646)
  + cp -Z works again (#466653)
  + make preservation of SELinux CTX non-mandatory for
  + do not double bugreport page in chcon
  + do not mention --change chcon option in help and man
  + added capability support to ls, but not to DIRCOLORS*
  + added requires for libattr (#465569)
  + seq should no longer fail to display final number of some
  + mention that DISPLAY and XAUTHORITY envvars are preserved

--- Changes for shared-mime-info 0.30-3.fc9 from 0.30-1.fc9 ---
  + Use Firefox and not redhat-web as the default app for HTML files (#452184)
  + update license tag

--- Changes for sqlite 3.5.9-2.fc9 from 3.5.9-1.fc9 ---
  + Remove references to temporary registers from cache on release (#463061)

--- Changes for tzdata 2008h-1.fc9 from 2008g-1.fc9 ---
  + Upstream 2008h
  + Fix exact DST transition hour for Mauritius
  + Syria will leave the period of DST on Nov 1
  + Fix coordinates of Pacific/Niue

--- Changes for xorg-x11-drv-evdev 2.0.6-1.fc9 from 2.0.4-1.fc9 ---
  + evdev 2.0.6
  + evdev 2.0.5

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