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Sat Oct 11 22:44:02 EDT 2008


On Sat, Oct 11, 2008 at 5:44 AM, Rob Savoye <rob at> wrote:

> On Sat, Oct 11, 2008 at 04:13:22PM +0800, Carlos Nazareno wrote:
> > We were having a discussion at the Gnash developer mailing list about
> > the absurdity of the situation where it was so difficult to get sound
> > working with Gnash on build 767 that the easy workaround to get sound
>   I have Gnash with working sound and full YouTube video support on 767,
> and
> it wasn't even hard.

> > What I mean is that if it's going to take so much difficult jumping
> > through hoops to get sound working with Gnash on the OLPC, why not
> > just recommend that users install the Adobe Flash player which can be
> > done with a single wget-rpm combo and cause less of a support
> > nightmare?
>   Persovnally, the only way to fix this problem is to get political, and
> start
> lobbying for the end of software patents. It's the *legal* issues here
> around codecs and software patents that is the problem, not any technical
> issue.
>  btw, this attitude is why I've personally given up on the OLPC project.
> It's
> been very upsetting to me to see such a great project slowly slide into
> the proprietary software world. Oh that's right, Nicholas says I'm a free
> software fundamentalist, holding back the OLPC project... Ship whatever you
> want... I give up again.

The only deployment that I know is shipping proprietary stuff (flash/java)
is the Birmingham deployment which has a lot of legacy proprietary ties to
discovery-kids videos and other legacy closed-locked-in education websites.

SJ and I were/are working with some people at DailyMotion to serve up videos
embeded as OGG and using only free formats.  I really *want* people to be
able to use ONLY free formats on their XO.  I *want* them to know what
installing proprietary codecs mean before they try to install adobe flash.

> > And if we ship with 0.8.3, once Gnash 0.8.4 comes out (pretty close
> > enough from what I read from Gnash dev), G1G1 users are going to be
> > stuck with an older outdated version of Gnash for a long time.
>  Which won't work, then everyone will say Linux/Gnash sucks, and give me XP
> and Adobe. Sigh...
>        - rob -

This is the second time that I've heard from you that you've had gnash
running on/in sugar better than OLPC is, but I haven't seen any of your
packages.  Is there a permission or access you require that is stopping the
publication of your work upstream?

If you're not happy with OLPC, is there something stopping you from
contributing directly to Sugarlabs?

Even if you give up on OLPC, satisfy your own politics by educating the 10's
of thousdands of people in the US with XO's about Gnash and codec's.
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