Gnash mp3 sound: installing gstreamer-plugins-ugly on build 767?

Dennis Gilmore dennis at
Sat Oct 11 01:16:42 EDT 2008

On Fri, 2008-10-10 at 00:31 +0800, Carlos Nazareno wrote:
> Hey OLPC devel!
> I was wondering if you guys could help me get gstreamer-plugins-ugly installed.
> Can you guys walk me through this? (disclaimer - linux noob. just
> started tinkering w/ ubuntu this year)
> This is with regards to getting Gnash running with sound on the XO, build 767.
> To get sound (mp3) running on my Fedora desktop, I just did yum
> gstreamer-ffmpeg and yum gstreamer-plugins-ugly.
> Okay, with the XO, first  installed the Fedora 9 Livna rpm from
> to get Livna added to my repositories.
> Then, I did a yum install gstreamer-ffmpeg, like I did on my desktop.
> Next:

because of issues with gstreamer in F-9 and the camera on the XO,
gstreamer was reverted to the version that shipped with previous
releases.  you could manually try install the version from livna for
Fedora 7.  this is an unintended side effect of reverting parts of the
software stack.

> So how do I install and on my
> system in order to be able to install gstreamer-plugins-ugly so I can
> get sound running with Gnash 0.8.3?
> Can anyone help me with this (and maybe update the Gnash wiki with this info)?
> Oh, by the way, the Gnash development team thinks it would be great if
> OLPC dev could use and test newer Gnash dev builds of 0.8.4 with newer
> OLPC dev builds.
> Rob, any chance you guys can hand over a Gnash 0.8.4 build before OLPC
> finalizes XO build 8.2.0? (Oct. 13 I believe?)
> Best regards,
> -Naz

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