You asked for it: devel at summary, round 0

Mel Chua mel at
Fri Oct 10 20:54:01 EDT 2008

(or if tinyurl does 
not work)

What in the world?
Many people have suggested list summarization for devel at . Michael and 
Mel decided to try it once to see how it went.

We wrote this document in three hours. The procedure was:

    1. Create google doc.
    2. Paste the pipermail thread-view into the doc.
    3. Chunk and write taglines until done.
    4. Write the search term index.
    5. Publish.


     * We don't know if this was fast or slow.
     * We don't know how we're going to update this summary next week.
     * We don't know what information is important to the consumers of 
devel@ summaries.

Please shout if you want something, if you can answer one of our 
questions, or if we could (should) have cut something. You get the idea.

(P.S. - We apologize in advance if:

     * our summaries are wrong, libelous, slanderous, salacious,
     * we bent, folded, spindled, or mutilated your post in the course 
of writing this summary,
     * our formatting burns out your eyes
     * ...

). If one of these calamities occurs, please feel free to do a better 
job yourself, next week. (if you can still see.)


-Michael Stone and Mel Chua

PS: The authors can be reached for complaint and/or thank-you-cookies at 
{michael, mel}

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