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Anne Gentry suggested we could get help from XO developers with  suggestions 
for installing an earth sciences program onto our XO. 
This program was developed by the Environmental Systems Research Institute  
(ESRI) for earth scientists. There are Geologists and Engineers who are  
interested in using the XO laptop for training young students. They  think they 
would like to see an earth science program like this added  to their training XOs.
ArcExplorer Java Edition for Education (ArcExplorer 9.2) is a downloadable,  
lightweight GIS tool for exploring geographic data. ArcExplorer 9.2 can open  
projects so work can be shared between users, or between schools. ArcExplorer  
9.2 can classify a wide array of image data, project on-the-fly files and use 
 data from Internet services like the Geography Network.  Included with the 
installation are lessons in Geology, Climate (the basics  for Global Warming),  
Political Boundaries, Economics, and Forces of  Nature such as hurricanes and 
earth quakes.
We are having trouble installing the ArcExplorer 9.2 Linux software  onto the 
XO.  We are able to download the main install file but  it did not auto 
install after the download. Guess we do not understand  enough about Fedora Linux 
or Sugar to get started. The program size is only  about 80 megs and we could 
put the exercises on our 4 gig SD chip, but how to  get started?
Please advise
John Stout
Lone Tree Colorado

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