notes from the field - Mongolia

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Fri Oct 10 16:54:39 EDT 2008

Deniz wrote:
> ... I also think, since this is a significant investment for many people,
> referring to my original example of  a teacher  typing up a reading (from a
> book let's say, or a handout)  on a regular computer s/he already has back
> home, and being able to transfer files back and forth on an Xo so s/he can
> distribute it to his/her students.

One of the regulars on this list mentioned 'copying'.  That reminded 
me that the best current tools I know of for manually transferring 
files in and out of the XO datastore are copy-from-journal and 
copy-to-journal (scripts originally written by users).  Note that 
copy-to-journal requires the mime-type of the file to be supplied.


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