journal is hard (was Re: notes from the field - Mongolia)

Garrett Goebel garrett.goebel at
Fri Oct 10 08:45:50 EDT 2008

Elana Langer wrote from Mongolia:
> basically when teachers and students try to find their work (write,
> record, etoys)  in the journal it is hard for them to locate it -
> especially if it is more than a few days old. This is why everyone is
> desperate to save their projects on USB keys.

This could be made much easier if Sugar apps prompted the user for
tags when shutting down an application.

I know it is a goal to require as little text as possible. And I'm not
sure what images could universally convey the message correctly... but

Would you like to tag the state of this activity? Y/N

...followed by a prompt for the user to enter tags.



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