Workaround for #8155? (hard links in datastore for storing duplicate files)

Marco Pesenti Gritti mpgritti at
Fri Oct 10 07:58:39 EDT 2008

2008/10/10 Emiliano Pastorino <epastorino at>:
> Hi, everyone.
> We would like to create a collection of books in pdf format (collection as
> in for kids in Uruguay, but we've
> seen that each time you open a book, a duplicate is created in datastore,
> despite the file being stored locally. That happens in build 656, but I've
> tried the same in 767, and duplicates are still being created.
> I've found that ticket #8155 describes this defect, but it seems that there
> hasn't been any advance since it was created 7 weeks ago.
> We need to solve this asap, so any workaround is good for us (it doesn't
> need to be pretty at all).

Hello Emiliano,

I can think of a couple of possible solutions.

1 Open the pdf directly in Browse. We have code for it already, see
this thread
2 Browse could  be smart and when opening files from the local file
system, it could hard link them in the DS instead of making a copy. It
means that if the original file changes, the one in the journal will
change too, but I can't think of very bad consequences of this.


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