UBIFS 8.2 image

Deepak Saxena dsaxena at laptop.org
Fri Oct 10 06:41:19 EDT 2008


I have created an initial UBIFS 8.2 image that can be used for testing 
and playing with. 

See  http://wiki.laptop.org/go/UBIFS_initial_experiments
for information on how this was created and some of my intial notes.

If you just want to download and run:

 * Make sure your XO has security disabled 

 * Make sure your XO is running the latest OFW. The best way to do this
   is to update it to 8.2.0. 

 * Download the following files to a USB stick: 


 * Boot the laptop with USB stick and escape into the OFW prompt. 

 * Run: 

   ok dev nand   : write-blocks write-pages ;  dend
   write-blocks isn't unique # You can ignore this
   ok update-nand u:\data.img

 * At this point OFW will erase the flash and copy the contents of the
   nand.img file to flash. When complete you can simply reboot the system. 

If you want to know a bit more about UBIFS, why we're looking at it,
and the overall impact a switch over would have, see the following
page that is still under development:


Thanks to Mitch Bradley for his help with OFW and Erik Garrison for
his OFW image builder script.


Deepak Saxena - Kernel Developer - dsaxena at laptop.org

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