Slowness (was Re: notes from the field - Mongolia)

James Cameron quozl at
Thu Oct 9 21:59:39 EDT 2008

I've just confirmed activity switching performance is improved by using

Environment: XO C2 with build 763 (on a random laptop), with Firefox
activity, Terminal activity and Journal activity all active, with
Firefox displaying a reasonably complex web page, with a copy of
/usr/bin/xcompmgr from a nearby Debian system.

Method: without and with xcompmgr running, use Alt/Tab to switch between
the three activities (Journal, Firefox, Terminal), taking note of the
rate at which it can be completed over 30 seconds, keeping the Alt key
depressed to avoid frame redraw.

Results: without xcompmgr, ten (10) cycles.  with xcompmgr, fifteen (15)

There's probably a more robust method to test this, but the degree of
the improvement was significant.  I didn't measure the memory impact.

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