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Gary C Martin gary at
Thu Oct 9 19:06:34 EDT 2008

On 9 Oct 2008, at 23:17, Carlos Nazareno wrote:

> Maybe we can build generic activity game engines that can be localized
> to different regions by just swapping the question-answer "database"
> portion? For starters, how about stuff like word games. Like maybe
> hangman? All you need for that is a dictionary list to pull data from
> and it can be easily localized by swapping the dictionary list. I'm
> thinking interface is browser-based then it'll pull question & answer
> data from localhost via an AJAX or Flash/Gnash frontend.

-- snip ---

> Maybe something similar can be built for quiz engines with a
> question/answer database that can be easily be edited by content
> contributors? Something as easy as editing an XML file, and yet
> difficult enough for students to open up in order to peek at the
> answers?
> Stuff like this would be really great.

Many web based games work fine if you have internet access (though  
Flash/Java heavy solutions are not currently great due to heavy  
performance and proprietary codecs that OLPC can't safely distribute).

Educational Activities seem to be what you are after, so not directly  
part of the Sugar learning platform (other than some absolute must  
haves and demonstrators to get the external developer snowball rolling).

More Specifically to your email... Still in development, but was  
functional last time I tested (I have some icons/text/UI feedback I  
need to pass on to the author (sorry Urko, I've not forgotten!!)):

And (not tried this recently), "A more appropriate version of the  
hangman game":


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