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C. Scott Ananian cscott at
Thu Oct 9 16:02:20 EDT 2008

2008/10/9 Carol Hussein Lerche <cafl at>:
> coming for the journal, but without a concrete roadmap making that belief
> real to those only experiencing the difficulty in dealing with what is there
> right now, they sometimes sound a bit delusional.  (Not saying that they
>'s just a big mismatch between pie-in-the-sky pictures of a cloudy
> goal and no visible stepping stones to that goal).
> One thing that might help is a wiki FAQ about the journal collecting a
> roadmap and pointers to the work that has taken place already in one place.

Both sugar and olpc maintain roadmaps of varying levels of concreteness:

Our November planning meeting is specifically so that we can all get
together with our crazy ideas, demo code, and proposals, and agree on
a core set of things we will deliver for 9.1.  (I cross-posted this to
devel@ already earlier today.)  We had a similar meeting for 8.2,
although the process wasn't perfect, and we've known for a number of
months what sort of things were going to be in the scope of what we
could deliver for 8.2.  Journal improvements were not in the 8.2
roadmap, regrettably, because there were too many other big projects
to complete:

In any case, when the November meeting is complete, I expect us to
have a similar short list of "big projects" which we will get done for
9.1.  Many worthy things will probably end up prioritized below other,
worthier things; we'll have another meeting for 9.2 and put those back
on the table.  Rinse, repeat.

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