Trip Report: GNOME UI Hackfest

Chris Ball cjb at
Thu Oct 9 15:28:31 EDT 2008


   > Please see section 2.1 of this paper for a nice review (with
   > citations) of the factors affecting older users.  Most applicable
   > to this situation are lack of prior experience, reduction of
   > working memory capacity, decline in psychomotor and sensory
   > functioning with age, and difficulty filtering relevant information
   > out of complicated user interfaces.

The Largo deployment involves many workers in their 20s and 30s.  The
speaker had strong thoughts against the intuition that computers are
naturally understood by new generations -- the government workers who
use Largo's GNOME deployment are in this new generation, yet (in his
words) largely uninterested in and resentful towards having to learn
something new just to get their work done.

(I don't think this says negative things about OLPC at all; children
don't resist learning in this way.)

- Chris.
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