[sugar] notes from the field - Mongolia

Nia Lewis nia at laptop.org
Wed Oct 8 14:45:22 EDT 2008

oh well, maybe it was just where we newbies entered the conversations - if 
that's the way you all work then fine. My main concern is that the info 
from the field gets to the right people. 



"Marco Pesenti Gritti" <mpgritti at gmail.com> 
10/08/08 02:33 PM

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Re: [sugar] notes from the field - Mongolia

On Wed, Oct 8, 2008 at 8:21 PM, Nia Lewis <nia at laptop.org> wrote:
> Thanks, MArco. I still think talking to Erik like that isn't very nice
> either:)


this kind of "flames" are customary in a technical mailing list and I
don't really think Erik should take personal offence about them. If
you go back in the archives you will see way more offensive things
said about my and the other Sugar developers work.


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