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Wed Oct 8 17:27:17 EDT 2008

On Wed, Oct 8, 2008 at 10:59 PM, Greg Smith <gregsmitholpc at> wrote:
> Hi Sayamindu,
> Are you maintaining Read now or is Morgan?
> I got a ping from Brian who is in Rwanda and he confirmed that this bug:
> was actually seen by kids there. Just as cjl predicted in Trac, it was
> hit by kids on first exposure to the XO.

Correction, this was hit by the Rwandan *core team*, on their first
testing of 767+g1g1 activities (7090 failure case was one of the first
few things that was tried).

We tried it a second time as an experiment in reproducing a bug error,
and instead of just the activity crashing it locked up the machine
(keyboard and mouse were unresponsive). Searching Trac for the bug and
finding 7090 was a good exercise in bug tracker usage :)

I imagine students would encounter this bug rather quickly as well,
zooming in on their home continent PDF Google maps style.

> Can we get some attention on that one? Especially if it can be fixed in
> the activity, I would like to have a new version in place when we try to
> upgrade Rwanda 8.2.0 later this year.

This would be ideal, even if the underlying problem can't be fixed...
the activity can have a hard coded limit on the number of zooms.


> Thanks,
> Greg S
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