[sugar] notes from the field - Mongolia

C. Scott Ananian cscott at cscott.net
Wed Oct 8 15:41:08 EDT 2008

I encourage those interested in Journal issues to attend my talk @ 1cc
next Wednesday, or to view the video of that talk when it's posted.
Most of the journal issues have straight-forward solutions.

Yesterday, I heard from the IT manager for the city of Key Largo,
Florida; his 60-year old goverment workers have many of the same
problems as our Mongolian users or 6-year olds.  We can make things

As Eben has mentioned, one part of this is prompting for names and
descriptions at appropriate times.  Think of Gmail: it doesn't let you
send an email without a subject line without a bit a of effort.  We
can get better information from users, which will help them more
easily find stuff later.  Some objects, however (think of photos)
really don't have good names: I've got a folder full of files named
imgp12314.jpg and similar.  Chronological search really is a decent
way to find such things, and tags can help you re-find them later.

I haven't put boot time on my personal 9.1.0 roadmap yet, but Mitch
Bradley and others have done a good deal of work on the issue.  I
think we could make a sizable improvement for 9.1.0 if that's a
priority (assuming some of the other technical enablers also make it
into 9.1.0, like ubifs and partitions).

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