[sugar] Give a Laptop, Change the World : G1G1 2008

Polychronis Ypodimatopoulos ypod at mit.edu
Wed Oct 8 14:18:38 EDT 2008

John Gilmore wrote:
>>>> I prefer "the Sugar learning platform"
> And my laundress prefers "fabric revitalization consultant".
> Sugar isn't about learning.  Sugar is a user interface.  It draws
> icons and decorations on the screen, starts and stops programs, and
> lets you turn control knobs.  The things Sugar competes with aren't
> learning platforms, they're user interfaces, like Gnome or Hildon.

At first, it sounds like your correct, but I think you're not. Gnome is 
a general-purpose desktop environment, hildon is gear towards mobile 
interfaces on small screen real estate, and Sugar is an environment with 
a focus on collaboration and abstraction of concepts such as "files" and 
"user accounts". As such, it could sustain a learning process better 
than other "general purpose" environments.


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