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Wed Oct 8 13:32:07 EDT 2008

Paul -

Thanks very much for this help.  I've been wanting to be a "real user" of my
XO more and this all helps me get pointed in the right direction.  I'm also
hoping the two hours I spend each day working on my XO on the commuter train
will be a tiny little marketing pitch prior to G1G1 Day on November 17!

    - Ed

On 10/8/08 12:41 PM, "Paul Fox" <pgf at> wrote:

> as a follow-on to my "use your XO more" thread, here's a useful
> way of sharing your "main" system's keyboard and mouse (including
> copy and paste) with your XO, in a fairly natural way.  these
> instructions assume a linux desktop machine, but you can do this
> with a mac or windows as well.  see
> (caveat:  i haven't used this very much, but it sure seems promising.)
>    1) on both your desktop, and your XO, install "synergy":
> "yum install synergy" and/or "apt-get install synergy"
>    1a) on the XO, edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf, and comment out this
>       line in the Extensions session, in order to enable the XTEST
>       extension:
>          #Option  "XTEST" "Disable" # Mostly a debugging tool
>       after doing this, restart X with ctrl-alt-erase.
>    2) on _both_ systems, create the following configuration file.
>       you can use the following text verbatim in both places --
>       the names are placeholders:
> $ cat $HOME/.synergy.conf
> section: screens
>      my_desktop:
>      my_xo:
> end
> section: links
>      my_desktop:
>  right = my_xo
>      my_xo:
>  left = my_desktop
> end
>    3) from the XO, create a synergy tunnel from the XO to your
>       desktop.  this avoids DNS issues, and avoids needing to
>       tinker with your desktop's firewall:
>       $ ssh -f -N -L 24800:localhost:24800 <real-name-of-your-desktop>
>    4) on the desktop, start the synergy server:
>       $ synergys -n my_desktop
>    5) on the XO, start the synergy client.  the command connects
>       to the server at "localhost", which causes the ssh tunnel
>       to be used.
>       $ synergyc -n my_xo localhost
> now, when you move your desktop machine's mouse off of the right
> edge of your screen, control will switch to the XO screen.  i see
> latency when using the mouse, but it's not too bad.  (note that
> the touchpad or mouse that's local to the XO still functions, so
> you can use synergy just to export your keyboard and cut/paste
> buffers.)
> paul
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