Give a Laptop, Change the World : G1G1 2008

Samuel Klein sj at
Tue Oct 7 17:49:35 EDT 2008

This year's G1G1 program will start November 17 in the US.  Please
help us spread the word.  Below is a short email blurb about this
year's program ( from [[G1G1 2008/text]] ).  We are coordinating some
community art and outreach on the grassroots list as well

There will be a lunch outreach meeting about G1G1 in #olpc on this Friday at 1200 EST (and @ 1CC for those in the
area); sign up if you think you can make it, or leave your thoughts
about what we should cover / who we should contact / what we can do
better this time around:

For giving,


One Laptop per Child is launching its second ''Give 1, Get 1'' [G1G1]
program starting November 17, 2008, following last year's popular
program which received donations from over 80,000 people.  This year
the XO laptops will be shipped to donors through

The laptops feature the latest release of the Sugar window manager, running
on a Linux-based Fedora Core operating system.  For answers to frequently
asked questions, and for other XO giving programs, see the OLPC wiki.

 More on G1G1 2008:
 More about the XO:

Photos, stories and other media from the first year's deployments are
available from a community media page and from the OLPC photostream.
If you have been involved with a deployment, please contribute your own.

 OLPC's Flickr photostream:
 Contribute &  share media:

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