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On Mon, Oct 6, 2008 at 8:27 PM, Hal Murray <hmurray at> wrote:
>> Here we come against "initial expectations".
>> The whole concept of Sugar is that the user doesn't need to
>> explicitly "save files".  They are automatically kept in the Sugar
>> datastore, and are accessed through the Journal interface.  [In  other
>> words:  Don't use the traditional hierarchy of directories to  locate
>> the saved file -- instead do "characterize" the object with a
>> description, and use an "intelligent search" to locate it.]
> Is there a wiki page that describes things like this?
> I'm looking for something primarily aimed at people who are already familiar
> with computers and probably have many inappropriate "initial expectations".

This is the document I wrote up when work on Sugar began.  It's a
little out of date, unfortunately, but it was designed specifically to
address the target audience who has familiarity with "traditional"
systems.  Since, when I wrote this, G1G1 wasn't even an idea yet, it
was put in a place specifically for developers; I'm not sure how much
of this has emanated through the rest of the wiki.

I hope you enjoy it; you feedback would be quite welcome, as it's very
much in need of a refresh soon. (And has been for a year...sigh)

- Eben

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