How to Clean Install Release 8.2.0 (Build 767)

John Gilmore gnu at
Tue Oct 7 04:24:18 EDT 2008

Does anyone see any inconsistency between these statements?

> Sugar reinvents how computers can be used for education.  ...
>   Everything is saved automatically.
>   Our goal is to make it almost impossible to lose any data.


>     1. YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR FILES. Back up personal files that need
>     saving (eg. onto a USB stick etc) before you proceed.


> Note that this process will COMPLETELY erase ALL files on your XO!
> Make sure you have backed up any files you want to save!

#1 is from the homepage of Sugar Labs.
#2 is from upgrade instructions to the latest release.
#3 is from

I guess we are still very far from our "goal".


PS:  Also note the terminology we are using "lose all your files":  Mommy,
what's a file?  How can I tell whether a file is a personal file or not?
Or a file I want to save?  You mean I have to page through the entire 
history of every program I ever ran on the XO, looking for the "files
I want to save"?

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