notes from the field - Mongolia

Ricardo Carrano carrano at
Mon Oct 6 19:57:23 EDT 2008

>> 4) Mesh problems - my sense is that you are all pretty aware of those issues.
> I think we should start looking into software-level mesh protocols using
> the libertas thin firmware.  This is not a solution to this problem, but
> it will at least move us to a place where we can have collaborative work
> on the base layer of our mesh networking stack.

There is a lot of totally different issues that are generally
described as "mesh problems". And every time we are not precise we may
fail to address them or even taking measures that will actually make
things worse. Please note that even the idea of changing the "mesh
protocols" may be interpreted in many ways. One should argue, for
instance, that we should use a L3 routing protocol instead of our L2
mesh implementation or suggest that MDNS is not an efficient way to
transport collaboration data, or even complain that some activities do
not scale to many users because there is no reliability, just to name
a few examples (that, btw are not my ideas, but just ideas we hear now
and then).

So, I would suggest that we _may be not_ aware of those issues because
they are put in a too generic way. Depending on the problems we are
facing, the libertas thin firmware won't help us at all and changing
routing mechanisms may be completely orthogonal. It is important to
understand exactly what are these "mesh" issues.

Elana, if you don't mind adding a little more detail to item 4, I
think that would be beneficial. Thank you!

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