New joyride build 2506 - q2e19

Mitch Bradley wmb at
Sun Oct 5 00:31:42 EDT 2008

rihoward1 at wrote:
> Another strange thing I see with q2e19 is that at 19% battery, 
> according to the battery gauge, the battery indicatory lamp started 
> flashing red and orange.

That would be a function of the EC code.  Richard, any thoughts?

> On Oct 4, 2008, at 7:23 PM, Mitch Bradley wrote:
>>> Is q2e19 going to be included in the 8.2 release?
>>> The reason I ask is that trac 8451, test-all crash after the touchpad
>>> test,  found in q2e18 is very disconcerting.
>> q2e19 is a quick-turn release (half-day turnaround from head's up to
>> release) for a pre-build of a limited run of machines with a new
>> keyboard controller.  It has new and barely-tested EC code plus a
>> barely-tested change to the keyboard driver.  It might not survive the
>> weekend before e20 is issued.  The mouse test problem that you found is
>> likely to be e19's demise.  It's possible that the problem could affect
>> the keyboard in some cases.
>> I have determined that the mouse test problem is caused by some device -
>> either the EC or the touchpad - returning a "RESEND" code instead of an
>> "ACK" in response to the first "IDENTIFY" request.  I have never seen
>> that happen before.  It doesn't happen all the time; a lot of the time
>> it works.  I'm working on a fix.
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