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Martin Dengler martin at martindengler.com
Fri Oct 3 11:06:24 EDT 2008

On Fri, Oct 03, 2008 at 03:24:25PM +0200, NoiseEHC wrote:
> If you somehow missed it, there is possible to boot Linux in 5 seconds 
> on an EeePC.
> http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=s7NxCM8ryF8
> Here is the paper:
> http://www.fenrus.org/plumbers_fastboot.ppt
> Could somebody explain me whether these results are applicable to the 
> XO, and how far are we from it, please?

I got TuxOnIce[1] patched[2] and as far as testing the hibernate
step[3] before I gave up after TuxOnIce refused to save the image (it
just rebooted[4] instead).

It's a bit too much of a time sink for me to hope to get much more
done on, though.  Hopefully someone else can pursue it or


1. http://www.tuxonice.net/HOWTO-7.html#ss7.5
2. http://dev.laptop.org/git?p=users/mdengler/olpc-2.6;a=shortlog;h=testing
3. Step #6 in
 [unload/unmount stuff]
 echo 1 > /sys/power/tuxonice/keep_image
 echo 1 > /sys/power/tuxonice/freezer_test
 echo 1 > /sys/power/tuxonice/suspend
 [should just create memory image, but just rebooted right away]

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