Major power concern

greebo greebo at
Fri Oct 3 00:42:05 EDT 2008

Hi all,

On Thu, 2 Oct 2008 20:41:15 -0700, Robert Howard <rihoward at>

>  From my reading of your description you ran the 765 and 711 test on  
> 2 different machines and did not swap the battery between machines.   
> Is this correct?
> If so there is a flaw in the methodology.  You should ideally run all  
> tests on the same machine with the same battery or at least use the  
> same battery in both machines for the test.

I did the same test for 765 on two new machines with almost identical
results. The 765p and 711 tests were for comparison and I know I need to do
further testing but wanted to raise the flag asap considering the image is
to be released soon and his could be a big issue. This was advised on
> To determine if it is a battery problem follow the instructions for  
> using opc-pwr-log. (This should be pre-installed on 757).
> The instructions are at:

Will do and will post results.


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