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Wed Nov 26 09:58:21 EST 2008

ton van overbeek wrote:
 > Note that the Embedded Controller firmware version is also important.
 > I suppose there are still very many XOs out in the field with the
 > original firmware. Since Q2E18(?) there was a change causing many more

"original"?  the firmware gets updated when you update the system
release.  (and it won't get downgraded if you downgrade the
system release.)  but you're right that if a laptop has never been
upgraded from 656 (or 708) that it will still have the firmware that
came with that release.

 > On a side note, I still have the touchpad jumpiness on my recently
 > received G1G1-2008 XOs. I will get some debug logs and send them.
 > Should I attach them to my original ticket (#7788)?

sure -- but note that the hardware in the g1g1-2008 machines is
identical to the g1g1-2007 machines, so similar behavior isn't

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