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Deepak Saxena dsaxena at
Tue Nov 25 18:17:06 EST 2008

On Nov 25 2008, at 18:13, Richard A. Smith was caught saying:
> Touchpad problems are listed in many deployments.  Our biggest hurdle to 
> fixing it having reliable way to duplicate the problem.  It seems to 
> happen lots out in the wild its very hard to reproduce on demand and its 
> pretty rare here at 1cc.
> The 8.2 kernel has a bunch of stuff to try to help but without solid 
> test cases its a bit of guess work to see what difference the new 
> changes have.
> We have a new touchpad that queued up for production.  That will hit 
> sometime next year when the current supply is out.  Initial reports are 
> that its much better than the current model.  However see my next, post. 
>   That may not solve it 100%

Can we get some of the new touchpad laptops out to locations that
have reported issues due to heat/moisture to see how they respond?
It would good to get some data and fix any issues before we roll these
out en masse.


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