Touch pads

Joachim Pedersen joachimp at
Tue Nov 25 17:49:52 EST 2008

I've seen this as an increasing problem on my personal XO, which gets
quite a bit of heavy use, as evidenced by the some what polished area
of the touchpad, ringed with brownish dirt.

>> As we've reported before, it also seems to get worse when the machines
>> get dusty, and fat/sweaty fingers don't seem to help either

I seems that the build up of dirt on the touchpad areas maybe
effecting the capacitance of the touchpad surface. For those unaware,
generally, touchpads use capacitance to detect your finger. If you
have ever tried to use a touch pad with droplets of water on your
fingers hand, you may have seen similar behavior on an otherwise
normal touchpad. Perhaps a careful cleaning of the touchpad area with
mild soap and drying may help. The extra poor behavior in humid
conditions could be due to an increase in the conductivity of the
built up grime from water absorption.



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