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I am afraid that I have to agree, although not to distract from the
brilliance of the rest of it....only to raise the importance of this issue.
In our case one large (relative in our region) country is looking closely at
a big commitment and these things are not helpful.

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> Bryan Berry wrote:
> Here at 1cc we still don't have many units that have chronic symptoms to
> test with.

Oh really? I've seen trouble with almost any machine I touched around
here in Nepal. Not that it happens every time, but it's so common to
perform the 4-finger salute, that I don't even think about it anymore.
As we've reported before, it also seems to get worse when the machines
get dusty, and fat/sweaty fingers don't seem to help either. I somehow
got the notion that models from the future would be helped with this
defect somehow, but apparently that's not the case.

And it's really to bad, since it's sort of the primary interface to
the machine, and it's not all that pretty to see children, or anybody,
struggling with it.

> It will be helpful if people who see the problem a lot can provide a
> sampling of serial numbers for units that seem to be the worst.

Well, we can at least give you the serial numbers of the machines that
we deployed. A range might help also I guess...

> If you do do have laptops that have the problem consistently we might
> want to try and do some sort of swap.

I wouldn't go there...
Sorry, not to rub it in,.. but.. yea, well a bit actually. This is a
very, VERY big and very known (hardware) bug. And if it's still not
resolved, it needs to be addressed asap. Is what I think...


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