Write Plug in posts to Blogs (was Re: Greg Smith Weekly Report Week Ending November 14 )

Greg Smith gregsmitholpc at gmail.com
Tue Nov 25 14:03:48 EST 2008

Hi Zeke,

That's great!

I think a lot of people will use it, if we can test it and make it 
available to XO users.

As you may know we debated whether to implement the EduBlog tool 
(http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Educational_Blogger_Project) as part of Write 
or as a server side implementation.

I pushed for server side (as opposed to Sugar or Write) because it was 
faster to market and I didn't see a good answer for the Teacher <-> 
Student interaction requirements without it. Just FYI on the history.

In short, many people would love to see Blogging directly from Write as 
an activity on the XO.

Have you been able to make your customized Write w/blogging in to a .XO 

If so, post that somewhere (our wiki is OK) and I'll ask people to try 
it out ASAP.

If you need help making a .XO file, let us know and we'll get you 
support on that.

Also, you should synch up with the Write maintainers (Marc and Martin 
copied). Write is a derivative of AbiWord. If they can review the code 
and they like the idea, this could become part of the official AbiWord. 
They are about to release a new AbiWord so it may be too late for this 
round but get the details to the lead guys and we can go from there.

I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions or need any 
more info, help or collaborators.

Optionally, I'm interested to hear more about your experience with the 
XO or any more info you have on yourself, your skills and your work.

One Blog per Child!

500K kids writing Blogs / 1K developers reading blogs and writing code 
with those kids = one turbo charged project :-)


Greg S


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Hello my name is Zeke Dean, I have been developing a bloging client for 
the past couple of months for the olpc based on the write activity.  It 
is a solid bloging client that supports many different blogs and I 
believe it has a decent user interface. I would like to discuss if we 
can work together as we are both trying to promote the benefits of 
bloging for educational purposes.

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