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Tue Nov 25 11:01:02 EST 2008

i'm forwarding this note from john maloney (scratch maintainer) to devel.

this certainly sounds like a mime types issue, but i'm not sure
where or how we'd augment the canonical list.


john wrote:
 > Hi, Paul, Cynthia, and Claudia.
 > I got a question from a professor at U. of Wisconsin about how to work  
 > with Scratch projects downloaded from the Scratch website (see below).
 > I verified that the problem is that the .sb file gets renamed to be  
 > something in /tmp ending in .bin. I think this happens when you put  
 > the .sb file in the clipboard. In any case, when you drag the file  
 > icon onto Scratch, that is the file name that is reported.
 > So my question is: is there a way to tell the browser the files ending  
 > in .sb are Scratch project files so that it doesn't rename them? Is it  
 > something like registering a MIME type?
 > Does anyone else have any suggestions for making it easier to get  
 > downloaded Scratch projects to open in Scratch?
 > 	-- John
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 > My understanding of the problem (now that I'm running Scratch 1.3  
 > everywhere) is that the XO does not properly name the files it  
 > downloads from the scratch site (i.e., they don't have .sb  
 > extensions), and Scratch refuses to recognize files without that  
 > extension. If I use the Linux terminal program to change the name (or  
 > download them onto a USB from another machine) I can get the Scratch  
 > to open the files. Does this make sense? It is a total pain in the  
 > neck though, because I can't figure out a solution that does not  
 > involve a USB: the only way I can find the Scratch program file from  
 > the Linux terminal is if I use the Journal to copy the file to the USB  
 > (I can't figure out where it lives in the Journal world).
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