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Tue Nov 25 03:57:42 EST 2008

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> Some feedback on touch pads. I returned to the PNG trials school of Giare
> last week to do some training, and noticed several of the XO-1s (received in
> June 08) and running version 8.2 suffering very badly from the touchpad
> problem. One boy's laptop was almost unusable. We tried chalk, the 4 finger
> salute, rebooting, etc. Despite this, he managed to do the attached with
> Paint in the morning when it was cooler. During the afternoon the
> temperature must have been 35 deg C and 90% humidity.
> Is this problem  likely to be solved with software updates?
> David Leeming
> Solomon Islands, South Pacific

We have consistently had similar problems in Nepal. I think it is a
hardware problem.

One important point, make sure you hit the "Fn" key last when you do the
4-finger salute.

Bryan W. Berry
Technology Director
OLE Nepal,

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