Packet loss during wireless scans (Testing needed)

John Ferlito johnf at
Mon Nov 24 20:55:46 EST 2008


I've been debugging a packet loss issue with the VideoChat application
for the last few days. After a fair bit of fiddling I discovered the
packet loss is being caused by network scans being performed by
Network Manager. We are seeing 0.4-0.8 second losses of network
connectivity when these occur.

I've filed a bug here

The problem is easily reproducible by doing the following

    ping -i 0.1 GATEWAY_IP
    iwlist eth0 scan

You should see two lots of 4 packets drop and the antennae light on
the XO should flash.

My testing has been on
Build: 767
Firmware: Q2E18
Marvel Firmware: 5.110.22.p18

Could others with other builds please test to see if this has been
around for a while. Email me privately and I'll summarise in the


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