x11vnc and vncviewer for classroom

scott at gnuveau.net scott at gnuveau.net
Mon Nov 24 20:15:15 EST 2008

Hi Mitch,

Thanks for the very complete response.

> > You are saying that OFW can behave like PXE, by pulling a dhcp address via
> > wireless then TFTPing a kernel/initrd?  If so, that probably solves my
> > problem, enumerated above.
> >
> It could be as simple as changing the boot-device configuration variable
> in olpc.fth, the re-executing boot .  But that would slow down the boot
> in the non-network case.   It would be better if you could find some
> quick way to check.

I concur, that is probably the best solution.  No need to waste time in
the boot sequence.  If I had an XO here, I would be coding as we speak.
The original G1G1 machine(s) I was supposed to get through a third party
got borked with the paypal thing, so I have none, and do not want to bug
my donor for another try.

> There is an effort to get everything upstream, but I'm not sure about
> the status of that.  There are several OLPC-specific devices - DCON,
> CaFe NAND, some audio GPIO tweaks - plus startup tweaks for interacting
> with the OFW device tree to get the system configuration, embedded
> controller interaction for battery status, and fast non-ACPI power
> management code.


> The only binary blob component is the firmware for the wireless LAN module.

iirc, that is a full SOC device from marvell, correct?  any progress on
that front?


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