Conundrum - XO connected to AP + Mesh?

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Mon Nov 24 08:45:24 EST 2008

erik wrote:
 > On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 12:07:03AM -0500, John Watlington wrote:
 > > 
 > > With release 8.2, the mesh interface is still up and available when  
 > > connected to an AP.
 > > Address the laptops on a mesh network on the same channel via their  
 > > self-assigned
 > > addresses (169.254.x.x) and you can ping and ssh them from an AP  
 > > connected XO
 > > without problems.

but can the zeroconf'ed machines access what's behind the AP?  i.e.,
how do they learn of a default gateway?  i assume this is the real
intent behind the question.

 > I for one would very much like to understand the dependencies of this
 > setup...
 > For instance, where are the self-assigned IP addresses coming from?  How

RFC 3297


 > do you get a list of XOs -> IPs in the mesh neighborhood from the
 > command line?  (There was a script floating around the ml to do the
 > latter but I can't find it now.)
 > Erik

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