running a motherboard without a keyboard

Guylhem Aznar olpc at
Sun Nov 23 20:55:16 EST 2008


After my (mostly) successfull B4 to C2 motherboard surgery, I am left
with a working B4 motherboard that I would like to use for various
tests purposes, including kernel stability tests and perfs

It is a bare motherboard- no display, no keyboard, no battery. Just a
power adapter to give it 12V, and a 256Mb SD with a minimal debian to
give me a network connection I can use to access the nand when I do
some mistake, to investigate what happened.

I'm thinking about getting a USB-serial cable to connect to J1 ;
meanwhile, I figured out I could use the gamepad, rotation button and
the 4 game keys, along with blinking the leds, but looks like they are
not working, while the power button is working fine.

Is it due to the missing keyboard part? Is there a quick way to fix it?

I would simply need to map a couple of buttons for basic functions
like wifi up/down (access point connection is unstable), and to
start/stop a test script.



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