G1G1-2008 US machines delivered with 8.1 build 708, not with 8.2 build 767

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Thu Nov 20 01:06:10 EST 2008

So the wiki can't assume new users have 8.2, that means a lot of pages 
will need separate "Latest release / Earlier releases" sections and/or 
encourage users to upgrade.

I wonder how many users with 8.1 will visit 
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Activities and download more recent activities 
that are incompatible with 8.1.  That Activities page's text seems wrong:

   This is a snapshot of the activities included on the list as of the 
launch of G1G1, not a list of all activities known to work on release 
8.2.0. These activities are pre-installed in machines received through 
the Give One Get One program.

Does the 8.1 build on the early G1G1 2008 laptops have, e.g. the Help 
activity?  (Which I thought is the 8.2.0 user manual.)  Someone who 
definitively knows should update that page.  Is there a downloadable 
image of what's on those laptops anywhere?

Ed McNierney wrote:

> Thanks for supporting the G1G1 program with your purchases!  This year it
> was extremely important for us to have Amazon stocked with inventory so
> orders could be fulfilled and delivered right away, the first day of the
> program.  That meant that manufacturing actually had to begin before 8.2 was
> released; the machines being manufactured now have 8.2 built in, but the
> first G1G1 buyers will be receiving the first manufactured machines.
> You can find instructions on upgrading and information about the 8.2 release
> on our wiki at http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Release_notes/8.2.0

I added a mildly edited version of this to 

I also mention it in passing on 
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Getting_started , which assumes users have the 
excellent Help activity.

"Getting started" is where the wiki navigation's "About the XO > Help 
using the XO" goes; I'm not sure what other places on the wiki new G1G1 
users hit first.

What's the model number of your new machine?  (`olpc-netstatus -i`) ?

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