libertas firmware version query

Ricardo Carrano carrano at
Wed Nov 19 20:54:07 EST 2008

On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 8:37 PM, S Page <info at> wrote:
> Ricardo Carrano wrote:
>> For differences between firmware releases:
>> The current recommended firmware release is 22.p18.
> Nice, I added these to the wiki page
> I've never flashed the Libertas firmware on my 2007 G1G1 XO, yet
> olpc-netstatus -i says I have Libertas: 5.110.22.p18 (from August 2008).
>  Does upgrading the OS image on your XO also install new Libertas firmware,
> the same way that it may update Open Firmware?  If so, is there any way to
> tell it's happening?

The libertas firmware is just the /lib/firmware/usb8388.bin file that
is uploaded to the wireless subsystem at boot time. So, it is part of
the distribution.

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