Future Feature Roadmap Meeting Minutes from 11/19

Greg Smith gregsmitholpc at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 16:49:32 EST 2008

Ed, CJL, Mel, Greg, and CJB (and maybe others) met on IRC On Wed. 11/19


- Update on January camp and reminder to fill in details on proposals.

GS - January camp proposals update

Exact meeting dates to be set ASAP, target Monday. The conference will 
be held either week before or after January 9 - 11.

- Start work on reviewing and prioritizing the Feature Roadmap 

GS - We will add two fields to each feature on the roadmap page.
* Helps deployability
* Target for OLPC resources

That flagging is my interpretation of the discussion. Any comments welcome.

Deployability was chosen because its currently the main goal for 9.1. 
More definition of goals for 9.1 will be forthcoming with Ed leading.

"Target for OLPC resources" defines which will get an OLPC engineer 
assigned. Many other features are important and we want to highlight 
those to encourage other open source developers focus their time on 
useful items.

This is discussion is preparation for a quick triage of the Feature 
Roadmap page. Before we start that, we need another pass to ensure all 
well defined features are included. Target is to complete the first 
triage by the end of the first week of December.

Next meeting Wed. November 26, 2PM US ET IRC Freednode.net #olpc-meeting

Agenda for next week:

10 minutes - XO Camp status and updates.

15 minutes - Status and action items for getting all feature requests on 
the feature roadmap page and for tagging per minutes above. Any other 
tags needed to focus engineering on the right priorities for 9.1?

15 minutes - Trac usage conventions for 9.1. Choosing and defining which 
fields we will use for tracking target bugs and features.

15 minutes - Status of 9.1 goals definition and plans for creation of a 
9.1 page.

5 minutes - Set agenda for next week and review action items


Greg S

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