joyride build fixes cont

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Wed Nov 19 06:50:29 EST 2008

Hi All,

Looking further at the issues with joyride.... in particular the
following 3 packages:


Looking at the output of the pilgrim build logs [1] I see the following errors:

Setting up Install Process
Parsing package install arguments
No package olpc-logos available.
No package olpcsound available.
No package ntp-ntpdate available.
Resolving Dependencies

The ntp-ntpdate package is now called just ntpdate. I've tagged the
standard F-10 build package for olpc-4 in koji so if someone could
update the build script for the new name it should be fixed.

The olpcsound package is built and tagged so should be pulled in for
the next joyride.

The olpc-logos package I can't even see in 8.2-767 package list [2] so
is it even relevant any more? If not can the person who can fix the
ntpdate issue remove it from  the list.



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